2002-09-21 03:54:08

by Rusty Russell

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Subject: [PATCH] Updated module rewrite: 20 September

Convenient mega-patch [63k]:

You'll want the 0.4 version of module init tools [36k]:

Changes since yesterday:

o PARAM() introduced
o Unification of __setup and MODULE_PARM
o Does type-checking
o Collapses - to _ in options
o Obsoletes __setup

o __setup replaced in core code (ie. ones I need to compile).

o x86 implementation of module_put_return
o Makes it possible to safely control own refcnts sometimes.

o Old-style module parameters implemented
o Because there are too many modules for me to convert.

o Module refcount cleanup to out-of-line the "not a
module" case.

o Probably lots of other things I forgot.

I have an exception table cleanup patch, but it conflicts with the
others (fairly trivially), so it's not in the megapatch:


Cheers & thanks,
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