2002-09-21 06:07:17

by Randy.Dunlap

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Subject: [patch-2.4.19] add/cleanup kernel-parameters.txt

--- linux-2419/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt.xmap Fri Aug 2 17:39:42 2002
+++ linux-2419/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt Fri Sep 20 22:50:22 2002
@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@
HW Appropriate hardware is enabled.
IA-32 IA-32 aka i386 architecture is enabled.
IA-64 IA-64 architecture is enabled.
+ IP_PNP IP DCHP, BOOTP, or RARP is enabled.
ISAPNP ISA PnP code is enabled.
ISDN Appropriate ISDN support is enabled.
JOY Appropriate joystick support is enabled.
@@ -251,7 +252,7 @@

initrd= [BOOT] Specify the location of the initial ramdisk.

- ip= [PNP]
+ ip= [IP_PNP]

isapnp= [ISAPNP] Specify RDP, reset, pci_scan and verbosity.

@@ -273,10 +274,14 @@

kbd-reset [VT]

- keep_initrd [HW, ARM]
+ keepinitrd [HW, ARM]

load_ramdisk= [RAM] List of ramdisks to load from floppy.

+ lockd.udpport= [NFS]
+ lockd.tcpport= [NFS]
logi_busmouse= [HW, MOUSE]

lp=0 [LP] Specify parallel ports to use, e.g,
@@ -313,7 +318,7 @@

max_scsi_luns= [SCSI]

- mca-pentium [BUGS=ix86]
+ mca-pentium [BUGS=IA-32]

mcd= [HW,CD]

@@ -327,6 +332,11 @@

megaraid= [HW,SCSI]

+ mem=exactmap [KNL,BOOT,IA-32] enable setting of an exact
+ e820 memory map, as specified by the user.
+ Such mem=exactmap lines can be constructed
+ based on BIOS output or other requirements.
mem=nn[KMG] [KNL,BOOT] force use of a specific amount of
memory; to be used when the kernel is not able
to see the whole system memory or for test.
@@ -359,9 +369,9 @@

nfsroot= [NFS] nfs root filesystem for disk-less boxes.

- nmi_watchdog= [KNL,BUGS=ix86] debugging features for SMP kernels.
+ nmi_watchdog= [KNL,BUGS=IA-32] debugging features for SMP kernels.

- no387 [BUGS=ix86] Tells the kernel to use the 387 maths
+ no387 [BUGS=IA-32] Tells the kernel to use the 387 maths
emulation library even if a 387 maths coprocessor
is present.

@@ -379,7 +389,9 @@

nohlt [BUGS=ARM]

- no-hlt [BUGS=ix86]
+ no-hlt [BUGS=IA-32] Tells the kernel that the hlt
+ instruction doesn't work correctly and not to
+ use it.

noht [SMP,IA-32] Disables P4 Xeon(tm) HyperThreading.

@@ -396,7 +408,7 @@

nosync [HW, M68K] Disables sync negotiation for all devices.

- notsc [BUGS=ix86] Disable Time Stamp Counter
+ notsc [BUGS=IA-32] Disable Time Stamp Counter

nowb [ARM]

@@ -504,7 +516,7 @@
ramdisk_start= [RAM] Starting block of RAM disk image (so you can
place it after the kernel image on a boot floppy).

- reboot= [BUGS=ix86]
+ reboot= [BUGS=IA-32]

reserve= [KNL,BUGS] force the kernel to ignore some iomem area.

@@ -513,6 +525,10 @@
ro [KNL] Mount root device read-only on boot.

root= [KNL] root filesystem.
+ rootflags= [KNL] set root filesystem mount option string
+ rootfstype= [KNL] set root filesystem type

rw [KNL] Mount root device read-write on boot.

kparam-doc-2419.patch (2.81 kB)