2002-09-22 15:49:01

by A1 Web Design

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Subject: Are YOU looking for a new website, to develop an existing website, for cheaper hosting or domain names?

We can help YOU to develop a new or existing website or even provide cheaper hosting and domain names.

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We are a UK based company who can offer YOU our considerable experience and expertise in the field of website
design, eCommerce development, all types of web hosting, any domain name available and search engine
positioning with excellent prices while maintaining a personal service tailored for YOU.

You can find more details at http://www.secondsup.co.uk

We can offer you cheaper solutions for YOUR website design, both new and updated sites undertaken from ?100,
160 Euro, 150 USD or 285 AUD website hosting from ?60, 95 Euro, 90 USD or 170 AUD per year, domain name
registration from ?10, 16 Euro, 15 USD or 28 AUD per year, secure server space and security certificates from
?50, 80 Euro, 75 USD or 142 AUD per year, full professional after sales service, marketing tips and advice
free to our clients, top ranking search engine positioning and email marketing available.

We can also help you market your business in the UK and Europe.

All of our websites are custom designed to meet our client's requirements and are our best advert. Please ask
to see our portfolio.

Our hosting services are independently tested on a daily basis and are consistently in the top of the
performance listings of all the major ISP hosting companies in the UK.

Most of our clients prefer to discuss their requirements by telephone, please send us a contact telephone
number, together with a best time to call you and we will phone you shortly to discuss your needs in more

Alternatively, please ask for more details by replying to this email for a prompt response.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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