2002-09-23 19:27:50

by Jeff Dike

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Subject: uml-patch-2.5.38-1

UML has been updated to 2.5.38.

Thanks to comments from Al Viro and fixes from James McMechan, the block
driver is up to date with the block layer changes.

There were some fixes to keep up with the latest kbuild, including some
changes in the top-level Makefile, which I'll be feeding to Kai.

There were also a number of smaller fixes to update to 2.5.38, a number
of which came from Nikita Danilov.

I'll be feeding these changes to Linus.

The patch is available at

For the other UML mirrors and other downloads, see

Other links of interest:

The UML project home page : http://user-mode-linux.sourceforge.net
The UML Community site : http://usermodelinux.org