2013-04-16 14:19:25

by Marcin Szewczyk

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Subject: How to override GMA500 resolution set by BIOS?


I've got a problem with GMA500 on my EVOC EC2-1711. The graphics
adapter's resolution is set by selecting an option in BIOS but I would
like to override it. Can kernel or Xorg do this?

There are two modes "almost" right for an 800x600 16bit LVDS screen I
have. The first one is 800x600 but in 24bit LVDS mode, so colors are
mangled. The second one is 800x480 16bit -- colors are right, but the
screen cuts the image at line 480.

I've tried video=, overwriting modes via patched 915resolution, vga= and
Xorg modesetting driver. Nothing works.

Does anyone know if it's possible to override the mode?

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