Subject: [OFF-TOPIC] AXIS Network Camera 2100 in Linux-2.4.x stuff

Hello all,

The AXIS 2100 Network Camera offers crisp, quality images
and streaming video from anywhere on your network.

With a built-in high performance Web server, no PC is required.
The network camera can operate as a standalone or be placed
wherever there is a LAN or Internet connection, or an available

Built on the Linux operating System.

The Axis 2100 is based on the Linux operating system. This in order to
ensure maximum reliability and ease of use. Some of the benefits are:

* Well-known and well-documented OS

* Small footprint system, it does not take a lot of flash or
ram memory.

* Longer term decentralized development.

* Much, much functionality available for "free".

* The source code for Linux is freely available to everyone.

* Developed under the GNU General Public License. This means we
publish our contribution to the Linux community on our website

* And much more....

Anyone known gnome/kde software for view live images from an unlimited
number of Axis cameras simultaneously?

See AXIS Communications:

best regard,

Fernando Alencar Mar?stica
Graduate Student, Computer Science
Linux Registe User Id #281457

University Methodist of Piracicaba
Departament of Computer Science
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