2002-09-25 17:03:18

by Marc-Christian Petersen

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Subject: [ANNOUNCE] WOLK v3.6.1 UPDATE for v3.6 FINAL

Hi there,

this is an update (v3.6.1) for v3.6 FINAL of WOLK. Sorry for the delay.
I really wanted to fix the strange ALSA unresolved symbols problem :)

Here we go, Changelog from v3.6 -> v3.6.1
o add: Fair Scheduler v2.4.19 2nd edition (Rik van Riel)
o fixed: ext3 htree build/linking problem (me)
o fixed: ext2 compression (e2compr) build problem (me)
o fixed: cryptoloop.c: 'loop_iv_t'
previously declared here (me)
o fixed: timepeg INTLAT build problem
when CONFIG_PREEMPT is set (me)
o fixed: unix.o: unresolved symbols:
gr_handle_create/gr_check_create (me)
o fixed: HTB Configure.help entry missed
while updating to HTB3.6 (me)
o fixed: FINALLY: the unresolved symbols for
midi/synth stuff with ALSA (me)
o fixed: irda-usb: irda-usb.c compile error (me)
o fixed: HID (full support) compile error (me)
o fixed: zftape: zftape-init.c compile error (Eyal Lebedinsky)
o fixed: missed AIO <-> grsec stuff in
include/asm-i386/a.out.h (Brad Spengler)
o update: htree ext3 v2.4.19-2-dxdir (Theodore Ts'o)
o update: CPU Frequency Scaling v2.4.19-4 (Dominik Brodowski)

!!! Do not use htree in userspace with versions < 1.29 of e2fsprogs !!!
See e2fsprogs release notes for 1.29:

"Fixed a bug in e2fsck which could corrupt a directory when optimizing it
(via the -D option) or rebuiliding the hash tree index with a 1 in 512
probability, due to a fence post error."

Debian packages (unofficial, by me) are available at:
- http://wolk.sf.net/e2fsprogs/

Release Info:
Date : September, 25th, 2002
Time : 7:00 pm CET
URL : http://sf.net/projects/wolk

9ecbb8911ce3da94a0eaa2d132a60965 *linux-2.4.18-wolk3.6-to-3.6.1.patch.bz2
c92b1a47785bd3bd96aad3debb721dd2 *linux-2.4.18-wolk3.6-to-3.6.1.patch.gz

Direkt download links:

Have fun!

Kind regards
Marc-Christian Petersen


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