Subject: [RFC] Script for doing unattended kernel benchmarks using contest

Hi all,
this is the first release of

Use it at your own risk, I just can say that "It works for me(tm)"

What's that?

A simple (and ugly) PERL script for automated kernel benchmarks, it was
written for contest <>, it simply generates a
custom (dummy) runlevel and boot every kernel image found in
/etc/lilo.conf in this runlevel, perform contest, reboot the next image,
perform contest, etc.

Err OK, what do I need to run it?

PERL 5 will do, hopefully.
LILO, with it's config file in /etc/lilo.conf otherwise edit the script 8)
Bash, along with cp, cat, rm, and find
A directory /usr/src/linux-2.4.19 with the 2.4.19 kernel sources in (this
is for contest)

How do I run it?

perl and then cross your fingers 8)

Will it screw my initscripts?

I don't know

Why your english is so crappy?

I'm Chilean, I speak Spanish 8)

How it works?

Read the source, Luke.

It was tested on RedHat 7.3 and (null), and debian 2.2, if it runs in
another version/distro, please let me know

Questions/Comments/Patches/Rewrites/Rants/Flames are welcome.

Best regards.
Robinson Maureira Castillo
Asesor DAI

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