2002-09-26 07:22:39

by Andrew Morton

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Subject: Re: 2.4.19pre10aa4 OOPS in ext3 (get_hash_table, unmap_underlying_metadata)

Michael Clark wrote:
> Hiya,
> Been having frequent (every 4-8 days) oopses with 2.4.19pre10aa4 on
> a moderately loaded server (100 users - 0.4 load avg).
> The server is a Intel STL2 with dual P3, 1GB RAM, Intel Pro1000T
> and Qlogic 2300 Fibre channel HBA.
> We are running qla2300, e1000 and lvm modules unmodified as present in
> 2.4.19pre10aa4. We also have quotas enabled on 1 of the ext3 fs.

It's not familiar, sorry.

People are saying unkind things about the qlogic driver, and
the new version in Andrea's latest patchset is definitely
faster than before. Might be worth a shot.