2002-09-26 07:32:39

by Eric Olson

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Subject: Channel Bonding

I've been using channel bonding with Linux kernel 2.4.17.

I recently tried the standard kernel 2.4.19 but

ifconfig bond0 ...

hangs. The bonding module gets loaded. The message

bond0 registered without MII link monitoring, in bonding mode.

appears in the system log. But then ifconfig hangs and kill -9 ...
won't kill it. Furthermore running ifconfig again locks the entire
system up.

Configuration is the same as for my working 2.4.17 kernel.

This appears to be a bug to me. Is anyone using bonding with 2.4.19?
Is this a known issue with 2.4.19?

Is there something that needs to be done differently with 2.4.19 than
with 2.4.17?

Please copy me directly on replies to this message.

Thanks, Eric Olson

2002-09-26 07:36:44

by David Miller

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Subject: Re: Channel Bonding

2.4.20-preX has a fix for this bug.