2002-09-26 20:00:12

by Marc-Christian Petersen

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Subject: [PATCH] 2.4.20-pre8 - Config.in: Second extended fs rename / move Ext3 to a wiser place

Hi there,

these are just cosmetic fixes.

I think we can do the following:

1. rename: "Second extended fs support" to "Ext2 file system support"
(to be equal to Ext3fs)

2. move: "Ext3 journalling file system support" near under to Ext2 fs.


Marcello, if ok, please apply.

Kind regards
Marc-Christian Petersen


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2.4_1-ext2-rename.patch (372.00 B)
2.4_2-ext3-move-right-place.patch (1.37 kB)
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