2002-09-28 21:19:50

by Andreas Loong

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Subject: PROBLEM: hangs early when ssh'ing in


[1.] SPARC Watchdog reset

[2.] at various times when I SSH into the system, I get a watchdog reset and
the machine drops down to the prom. This seems to happen most often when
the machine just has booted. since it dies immediately, I have no output
from the console. Once the machine has been up for a while, this doesn't
seem to happen at all.

[3.] SSH watchdog reset

[4.] Linux version 2.4.19 ([email protected]) (gcc version 2.95.4 20011002
(Debian prerelease)) #5 SMP Wed Sep 25 14:16:58 CEST 2002

[7.1.] Gnu C 2.95.4
Gnu make 3.79.1
util-linux 2.11n
mount 2.11n
modutils 2.4.15
e2fsprogs 1.27
Linux C Library 2.2.5
Dynamic linker (ldd) 2.2.5
Procps 2.0.7
Net-tools 1.60
Console-tools 0.2.3
Sh-utils 2.0.11
Modules Loaded openprom slip slhc sg autofs

cpu : ROSS HyperSparc RT625 or RT626
fpu : ROSS HyperSparc combined IU/FPU
promlib : Version 3 Revision 2
prom : 2.25
type : sun4m
ncpus probed : 4
ncpus active : 4
Cpu0Bogo : 99.73
Cpu1Bogo : 99.94
Cpu2Bogo : 99.94
Cpu3Bogo : 99.94
MMU type : ROSS HyperSparc
contexts : 4096
nocache total : 1048576
nocache used : 398336
CPU0 : online
CPU1 : online
CPU2 : online
CPU3 : online

[7.3.] Module information (from /proc/modules):
slip 11764 0 (unused)
slhc 4752 0 [slip]
sg 30780 0
autofs 10772 0 (unused)

[7.4.] Loaded driver and hardware information (/proc/ioports, /proc/iomem)
nothing at all

[7.5.] PCI information ('lspci -vvv' as root)
is there an equivalent command for sparc?

[7.6.] SCSI information (from /proc/scsi/scsi)
Attached devices:
Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 01 Lun: 00
Vendor: SEAGATE Model: ST34371W SUN4.2G Rev: 7462
Type: Direct-Access ANSI SCSI revision: 02
Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 03 Lun: 00
Vendor: SEAGATE Model: ST39173W SUN9.0G Rev: 2815
Type: Direct-Access ANSI SCSI revision: 02
Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 05 Lun: 00
Vendor: YAMAHA Model: CRW3200S Rev: 1.0d
Type: CD-ROM ANSI SCSI revision: 02
Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 06 Lun: 00
Vendor: TOSHIBA Model: XM-4101TASUNSLCD Rev: 1084
Type: CD-ROM ANSI SCSI revision: 02

[X.] Other notes, patches, fixes, workarounds:
Seems to only happen just after it has booted. I'm rather new to linux and
more heavy on the solaris side, but I would like to help solving these
issues - only I don't know exactly how. seems like debian woody is shipped
with gcc 2.95.4, not sure if this is relevant or not.

I have some time on my hands and I've notice a couple of weird things that I
will report aswell, as long as someone could guide me through the process.

Andreas Loong