2002-09-29 04:41:51

by jurriaan

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Subject: 2.5.39, SMP, pre-empt: snd_ctl_iotcl 'sleeping function called from illegal context'

Sleeping function called from illegal context at slab.c:1374
f6b6fbfc c0118554 c02df2e0 c02e3d90 0000055e f7b32390 c0135dd3 c02e3d90
0000055e 0000004c f7bafe08 f6b6fcec f7b32390 00000002 c1b0f3f0 c0254345
0000004c 000001d0 f7b32360 f6b6fcec c0255903 0000004c 000001d0 bffff628
Call Trace:

This is with an EMU10K1 card, and the ALSA drivers in the kernel.

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GNU/Linux 2.5.39 SMP/ReiserFS 2x1380 bogomips load av: 0.52 0.60 0.34