2002-09-29 23:55:06

by Jeff Garzik

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Subject: [BK/GNU] net driver 2.4.x series 8

Marcelo, please do a

bk pull http://gkernel.bkbits.net/net-drivers-2.4

This will update the following files:

drivers/net/8139cp.c | 76 +++----
drivers/net/8139too.c | 80 +------
drivers/net/acenic.h | 2
drivers/net/eepro100.c | 161 +++++++++-----
drivers/net/epic100.c | 96 +++-----
drivers/net/fealnx.c | 48 +---
drivers/net/mii.c | 204 +++++++++++++++++-
drivers/net/sb1000.c | 8
drivers/net/sis900.c | 55 +++--
drivers/net/sis900.h | 6
drivers/net/sundance.c | 132 ++++++------
drivers/net/via-rhine.c | 68 ++----
drivers/net/winbond-840.c | 4
drivers/net/wireless/airo.c | 476 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------
include/linux/mii.h | 29 +-
15 files changed, 933 insertions(+), 512 deletions(-)

through these ChangeSets:

<[email protected]> (02/09/29 1.704)
[net drivers] add optional duplex-changed arg to generic_mii_ioctl helper

<[email protected]> (02/09/29 1.703)
[net drivers] Remove 'dev' argument from generic_mii_ioctl helper

<[email protected]> (02/09/29 1.702)
Use new MII lib helper generic_mii_ioctl in several net drivers:
8139too, epic100, fealnx, sundance and via-rhine.

In the process, several of these net drivers gained MII ioctl
locking fixes simply by virtue of being brought in line with
standardized code.

<[email protected]> (02/09/29 1.701)
Add MII lib helper func generic_mii_ioctl, use it in 8139cp net drvr

<[email protected]> (02/09/29 1.700)
[net drivers] Rename MII lib API member, s/duplex_lock/force_media/,
and update all drivers that reference this struct member.

<[email protected]> (02/09/28 1.699)
[net drivers] MII lib update:
* add boolean 'init_media' arg to mii_check_media
* update all callers (just 8139cp, for now)

<[email protected]> (02/09/28 1.698)
sis900 net driver update:
* fix eeprom access
* fix tx-timeout bug
* fix tx desc overflow bug
* add sis963 support

<[email protected]> (02/09/28 1.697)
[net drivers] fix MII lib force-media ethtool path
(contributed by Edward Peng @ D-Link)

<[email protected]> (02/09/28 1.696)
sundance net drvr: bump version to LK1.05

<[email protected]> (02/09/28 1.695)
sundance net drvr: fix DFE-580TX packet drop issue, further reset_tx fixes
(contributed by Edward Peng @ D-Link)

<[email protected]> (02/09/28 1.694)
sundance net drvr: fix reset_tx logic
(contributed by Edward Peng @ D-Link, cleaned up by me)

<[email protected]> (02/09/28 1.693)
update sundance driver to support building on older kernel:
conditionally include crc32.h, ethtool.h, mii.h, and compat.h
if built outside the stock 2.4.x kernel.

<[email protected]> (02/09/28 1.692)
airo wireless net drvr: add Cisco MIC support
Conditionally enabled when out-of-tree, but open source, crypto lib
is present.

<[email protected]> (02/09/26 1.690)
acenic net drvr fix: remove '=' typo in intr mask writel()

<[email protected]> (02/09/22 1.685)
Fix sb1000 jiffies usage: kill float constant, use time_after_eq()

<[email protected]> (02/09/21 1.684)
airo wireless: Fixes signal level retrieval in SPY mode (releases memory block after read out)

<[email protected]> (02/09/21 1.683)
airo wireless: fix "non-probe mode" setup

<[email protected]> (02/09/21 1.682)
airo wireless: power down on if down. add local 'ai' to fix build.

<[email protected]> (02/09/21 1.681)
airo wireless: more verbose MAC-enable errors

<[email protected]> (02/09/21 1.680)
airo wireless: disable access to card while prom flashing in progress
[note: more work needs to be done here, but this is better than nothing -jgarzik]

<[email protected]> (02/09/21 1.679)
airo wireless: use ETH_ALEN constant where appropriate

<[email protected]> (02/09/21 1.678)
sync airo wireless driver with 2.5:
* include linux/tqueue.h
* s/int flags/unsigned long flags/
* whitespace cleanups

<[email protected]> (02/09/20 1.661.6.24)
Add new MII lib functions mii_check_link, mii_check_media.
Use them in 8139cp net driver.

<[email protected]> (02/09/20 1.661.6.23)
Support get-MII-data ioctls in 8139cp net driver

<[email protected]> (02/09/19 1.661.6.22)
update eepro100 net driver to use standard MII phy API/lib,
when implementing ethtool media ioctls.

No behavior should change with this patch (except the ethtool media
ioctls now work, of course)

Also, re-format comments to the right of the private struct to line up.

<[email protected]> (02/09/19 1.661.6.21)
Update eepro100 net driver's mdio_{read,write} functions
to take 'struct net_device *' not 'long' as their first
argument. This makes eepro100 compatible with the standard
MII ethtool API, preparing it for that support.

No functional changes should occur with this patch, if anything
changes at all it is a bug. (and testing shows no changes...)

net-drivers-2.4.txt (5.03 kB)
netdrvr-8.tar.bz2 (25.66 kB)
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