2002-09-30 17:49:46

by Jeff Dike

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Subject: [PATCH] UML highmem support

Please pull http://jdike.stearns.org:5000/highmem-2.5

This adds the UML arch support for highmem. All changes are in arch code.


[email protected], 2002-09-29 22:18:25-04:00, [email protected]
Added CONFIG_HIGHMEM to defconfig.

[email protected], 2002-09-29 22:02:45-04:00, [email protected]
One last fix to make the non-highmem build work.

[email protected], 2002-09-28 15:45:58-04:00, [email protected]
Missed a change to fixmap.h in the highmem update.

[email protected], 2002-09-28 15:31:57-04:00, [email protected]
Fixed highmem support for 2.5.

[email protected], 2002-09-23 21:43:15-04:00, [email protected]
Added highmem support.
The UML initialization code marks memory that doesn't fit in the
kernel's address space as highmem, and later sets up the UML data
structures for it, and frees that memory to the mm system as highmem.