2002-09-30 18:07:58

by Jeff Willis

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Subject: Re: v2.6 vs v3.0

> > Most of my boxes won't even run a 2.5 tree yet. I'm sure its hardly
> > unique. Middle of November we may begin to find out how solid the core
> > code actually is, as drivers get fixed up and also in the other
> > direction as we eliminate numerous crashes caused by "fixed in 2.4" bugs

You're right, it's not unique. Will they run 2.4? I've got about a dozen
boxes that have had over a year uptime with 2.0 or 2.2, but won't boot with
the 2.4 or the recent 2.5 I tried.

> Well why don't they run with 2.5?

Good question. With the 2.4 kernels I've tried zImages worked fine but
bzImages wouldn't boot. Unfortunately, with the options I need, the kernel
won't fit in a zImage. The servers were all originally AMI motherboards,
but after replacing a few due to failures, there's a few Abit, Tyans and
Gigabyte replacements. The Gigabyte (model GA-8IRXP, I think) will boot
bzImages, but I hate to replace motherboards that have worked fine for years
just to boot the new 2.6/3.0.