2002-10-01 19:25:28

by will fitzgerald

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Subject: expanding on t these functions do!

hi all,

i was hoping someone could explain what is it exactly
that each of these functions actually do.i have
supplied what i think they do under each of them.i'm
using kernel 2.4.14 (old i know!!!!)

skb_bond() in dev.c
net_rx_action() calls it, it returns and then
net_rx_action calls ip_rcv() but what is skb_bond

skb_shared() in skbuff.h
ip_rcv() calls it befoe doing a NF_HOOK to call
ip_rcv_finish() again i'm not sure of what it does.

skb_cloned() in skbuff.h
it seems to be linked to skb_shared() according to the
comments. ip_forwad() calls calling
rt_tos2priority() and skb_cow() and skb_cow calls
what is skb cloned used for?

rt_tos2priority in route.h
does it give security priority information? even
though i don't have a firewall set on my linux router
(experimenting with networks, hobbie) , it gets called
as i have inserted printk's to test if it gets

ip_decrease_ttl() in net/ip.h
whats the purpose of this?

ip_send() in net/ip.h
ip_forward_finish() calls this function. what does
this line "skb->len > skb->dst->pmtu" do in order to
make the decision of calling one of two functions?

neigh_resolve_output() in neighbour.c
this calls the next two functions below. its called
from ip_finish_output2(). does this lookup fib tables
or cahces etc?

neigh_event_send() in neighbour.h

what does this function check in order to call the
next function: __neigh_event_send(neigh, skb)

__neigh_event_send() in neighbour.c
what exactly is going on here? after the above
function has returned its result this one gets

thank you for your time,

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