2002-10-01 20:37:32

by Steven Cole

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Subject: 2.5.40 Oops on boot (ide_setup_dma+0x16)

Greetings all,

After getting 2.5.40 (many thanks to John Bradford for his mirror),
I got this oops, identical to 2.5.39 with a fix to isapnp.c. This
post is to verify that this problem still exists in 2.5.40.

Oops info copied down by hand:

EIP is at ide_iomio_dma+0xa4/0x110

Call Trace:

This machine is a single PIII with Intel 82371AB PII4X chipset
and Promise PDC20262 disk controller.

My .config info was posted earlier here:

I also recompiled without CONFIG_IDEDMA_PCI_AUTO
and without CONFIG_IDEDMA_AUTO and rebooted with the
same results as above.