2002-10-01 22:28:10

by Andrew Clausen

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Subject: 2.4.18 hangs on boot: "sim 710: No NCR53710 adapter found"

On Tue, Oct 01, 2002 at 02:56:35AM -0500, Softhome.net wrote:
> Hola Andrew (ahora s? tu nombre).

Hola Patricio (tambien ;)

I'll write in English, so everyone else can understand. I think you
can understand me :)

> When the Partboot Disk is loading i receibe a message "sim 710:
> No NCR53710 adapter found" and the computer stop and do nothing.

Are you able to boot off an GNU/Linux installation CD? (Eg: Red Hat,
Debian, Mandrake) Do you get the same problem?

FYI: the kernel on that disk was contributed by Kent Robotti, which
is 2.4.18.

> Thank you for your help and now you have a friend in Chile.

Cool :)


PS: we're not subscribed to linux-kernel