2002-10-03 20:27:39

by Andrew Grover

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Subject: RE: [kbuild-devel] RfC: Don't cd into subdirs during kbuild

> From: Kai Germaschewski [mailto:[email protected]]
> [email protected], 2002-10-02 14:46:16-05:00, [email protected]
> kbuild: Standardize ACPI Makefiles
> ACPI was a bit lazy and just said compile all .c files in
> this directory,
> which is different from all other Makefiles and will not work very
> well e.g. bk, where a .c file may not be checked out yet,
> or separate
> obj/src dirs. So just explicitly list the files we want to compile.

Excellent, I was just going to fix this, and now I don't have to ;-)

-- Andy