2002-10-04 16:00:54

by Alan Cox

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Subject: Linux 2.5.40-ac3

This merges a lot of the small fixes, and its mostly aimed at getting
more stuff building and working, as well as fixing some of the oopses
people reported that aren't fixed in a Linus release tree yet.

Linux 2.5.40-ac3
o Resync telephony drivers with 2.4 (me)
| Forward port security and other minor fixes
o Fix aironet4500 build for tq changes (me)
o Fix keyspan USB warnings with gcc 3 (me)
o Switch to the newer 2.4 depca driver (me)
o Re-merge depca fixes from 2.5.0->2.5.40]
o Fix depca spinning waiting for irq probe (me)
o Fix depca copy with interrupts off (me)
o Fix depca clash with other ALIGN macros (me)
o Initial port of NCR5380/g_NCR5380 to new locks (me)
| This still needs new_eh, further clean up
| and possibly making NCR5380_main a thread
o Initial locking rework for the wd7000 scsi (me)
| Still needs new_eh
o Update jffs to the dequeue_signal changes (me)
o Update jffs2 to the dequeue_signal changes (me)
o Fix shpnt misuse in NCR53c406a, wrong free_irq (me)
o Update NCR53c406a to new style sglist (me)
| Still needs new_eh
o Architecture updates for S/390 (Martin Schwidefsky)
o Include updates for S/390 (Martin Schwidefsky)
o Base S/390 driver updates (Martin Schwidefsky)
o Add the new syscalls to S/390 (Martin Schwidefsky)
o Fix sleeping with locks in sound_core (Jaroslav Kysela)
o Fix oops on shutdown of cs4281 (Suresh Siddha)
o Fix cdrom paths in devfs (Jordan Breeding)
o Fix missing cache tag entry in intel cpu table (Jean Delvare)
o Remove old 2.2 compatibility pci functions (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Clean up some dead devfs bits (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Fix an oops in the hugetblpage stuff (Andrew Morton)
| Its still a stupid idea but now it doesnt oops
o Handle read only BARs with type bits set (Ivan Kokshaysky)

Linux 2.5.40-ac2
o Fix a cut and paste error in the amd rng docs (Troels Hansen)
o Forward port OSS maestro3 fixes for toughbook
o Forward port ramdisk cache coherency
o RTL8150 USB updates (Petko Manalov)
o Fix corega USB ident (Petko Manalov)
o USB keyboard driver fix (Dave Miller)
o USB prototype fix (Luc Vanoostenryck)
o USB string fixes ([email protected])
o USB test driver (David Brownell)
o Speedtouch USB driver fixes (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Clean environment for hotplug (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Fix mprotect oops (Hugh Dickins)
o NUMA-Q cleanups (Martin Dobson)
o Split timers into one x86 timer type per file (John Stultz)
o Cyclone timer support for x440 etc (John Stultz)
o Fix sleeping from illegal context for ioperm (Andrew Morton)
o Fix imm compile ([email protected])
o Fix irda for tq changes (Carlos Gorges)
o Fix xjack telephony build (Carlos Gorges)
o Fix ppa compile (Carlos Gorges)
o Fix aha152x compile for tq changes (Carlos Gorges)
o Fix hamradio drivers for tq changes (Carlos Gorges)
o Fix plip driver for tq changes (Carlos Gorges)
o Fix mpt fusion for tq changes (Carlos Gorges)
o Fix isdn for tq changes (Carlos Gorges)
o Fix ieee1394 for tq changes (Carlos Gorges)
o Fix new timer code to build with cpufreq on (me)
o Fix capi build for new tq_ code (me)
| ISDN still needs moving to real locks
| this just cleans up one item
o Fix missing header in mtdblock_ro (Carlos Gorges)
o Fix a typo and other header (me)
o Fix up ixj_pcmcia for 2.5 (me)
| Note for janitors - it looks like a lot of the pcmcia release
| code people "fixed" should be using del_timer_sync not del_timer
o Fix missing header in longhaul cpu speed driver (me)
o Pipe read/write cleanup (Manfred Spraul)
o Make IDE PCI config text clearer (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)

Linux 2.5.40-ac1
+ Initial port of aacraid driver to 2.5 (me)
+ vfat corruption fix (Petr Vandrovec)
+ Clean up firestream warnings (Francois Romieu)
+ Voyager support (James Bottomley)
+ Fix split_vma (Hugh Dickins)
+ Fix config in video subdirectory (John Levon)
+ Update olympic driver to 2.5 (Mike Phillips)
+ Fix sg init error (Mike Anderson)
+ Fix Rules.make
o Merge most of ucLinux stuff (Greg Ungerer)
| It needs putting somewhere so we can pick over the
| hard bits left
| Q: Wouldn't drivers/char/mem-nommu.c be better
| Q: How to do the procfs stuff tidily
| Q: Wouldn't it be nicer to move all mm or mmnommu specific ksyms
| int the relevant mm/*.c file area instead of kernel/ksyms
| Q: Why ifdef out overcommit - its even easier to account on
| MMUless and useful info
+ Stick tulip back under 10/100 ethernet (me)
+ Correct docs for IBM touchpad back to how (me)
they were before
o Fix abuse of set_bit in winbond-840 (me)
+ Fix abuse of set_bit in atp (me)