2002-10-06 10:36:53

by Jos Hulzink

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Subject: 2.5.40: ALSA menuconfig bug traced


The ALSA Menuconfig bug leads back to sound/Config.in

When you remove the entire if...fi block of CONFIG_SPARC64 or CONFIG_SPARC32
of the ALSA submenu, everything seems to work.

It seems to have nothing to do with the SPARC drivers though, for when I
duplicate the if ... fi block of CONFIG_ISA (so there are two ISA entries in
the submenu) after removing the SPARC(32, 64) block, the problems occur again.

Disabling CONFIG_ISA or CONFIG_PCI (the only options set "y" on my system)
didn't help anything.

I checked the Config.in file for odd characters with a binary editor, but
nothing was found.

Below you can find a "patch" that makes it work again. It is no solution

I don't understand it... All I can think of is that the parser goes crazy...


< if [ "$CONFIG_SND" != "n" -a "$CONFIG_SPARC64" = "y" ]; then
< source sound/sparc/Config.in
< fi
> #if [ "$CONFIG_SND" != "n" -a "$CONFIG_SPARC64" = "y" ]; then
> # source sound/sparc/Config.in
> #fi
[ endmenu