2002-10-07 05:36:29

by Bob McElrath

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Subject: Work queues

Bob McElrath [[email protected]] wrote:
> If you give the [nvisr/0] process a negative priority, the stalls go
> away. I just played through a level of Chromium BSU and it performed
> flawlessly (with the nvisr process at -20 priority). With the latest bk
> tree there are also no oopses.

So it seems the way to do this is:

my_workqueue = create_workqueue("mywork");
if (!my_workqueue) {
printk("Unable to create workqueue\n");
return -EIO;
pri.sched_priority = 1; /* BM: any nonzero should do, is there any reason
to chose a larger priority? */
rc = security_ops->task_setscheduler(isr_workqueue->cpu_wq[0]->pid, SCHED_FIFO, &pri);
if(rc < 0) {
printk("Unable to set real-time priority for NV (err=%d)\n", rc);

The above code doesn't work though because the struct workqueue_struct is
hidden away in workqueue.c, invisible to modules. The line:
bombs because the struct is not defined (dereferencing pointer to incomplete
type). Is there a better way to get the pid of a workqueue I just created? Or
for that matter is there a better way to set the scheduler for a workqueue I
just created? I imagine many drivers would want to do this...

I notice the sched_setscheduler system call is not available in any kernel
header. What is the proper procedure for calling such a function from a

-- Bob

Bob McElrath
Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison, Department of Physics

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