2014-02-21 06:16:39

by John Smith

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Subject: linux-next is added into www.xrefs.info

hi, I added linux-next cross reference search into http://www.xrefs.info. Thx.


http://www.xrefs.info provides cross reference search for many open source projects.

To access, you can go to http://www.xrefs.info, select a project, pick
a version.
If you want to search the definition of a function,
simply type it in the definition box; If you want to do a full search,
type your text in the first box; If you want to search a file, simply
type file name in file path box. Hit search button, That's it!

The site covers following:
- Linux kernel cross reference: from verion 0.01 - 3.13.3, plus nightly latest.
- Linux boot loaders cross reference: u-boot, lilo, grub,
syslinux,plus nightly latest.
- Linux user space core packages cross reference
- Android cross reference, plus nightly latest.
- Cloud computing other projects:
- xen hypervisor cross reference
- VirtualBox cross reference;
- OpenStack cross reference
- cloudStack cross reference.
- Puppet cross reference
- Salt cross reference
- Cloud Foundary cross reference
- OpenShift cross reference
- Chef cross reference
- Juju cross reference
- Big data project Hadoop cross reference
- BSD: FreeBSD cross reference, NetBSD cross reference, DragonflyBSD
cross reference
- Database: MySQL cross reference, MariaDB cross reference, mongoDB
cross reference
- Languages: OpenJDK cross reference, Perl cross reference, Python
cross reference, PHP cross reference.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the site,
please let me know.