1999-02-01 23:31:10

by Stefan Monnier

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Subject: Re: Page coloring HOWTO [ans]

>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Gooch <[email protected]> writes:
> OK, I was reading points (a) and (b) as though they were, in effect,
> the required specificiations for an algorithm to yield the best
> pages. Are they just comments on how the particular algorithm you
> mentioned works?

I believe the requirement is really something like "make the behavior more
predictable" (not just deterministic). To reach this goal, you have to somehow
make sure that non-colliding virtual addresses turn into non-colliding physical
addresses and vice-versa (this way the compiler gets a fair chance to
statically figure out how to lay things out to avoid collisions).

Of course, the other possible requirement is just to make things more
deterministic. It looks like Dave's alg is aiming for determinism rather than