1999-02-14 20:56:00

by Björn Ekwall

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Subject: New snapshot of modutils

Hi all,

Richard Hendersson is extremely busy at the moment.
After talking to him, Richard and I have agreed that I will help with
creating an updated release of the module support utilities.

So, for a snapshot of the current state, please look at:
You will find the latest snapshot as "modutils-snap990214.tar.gz"

It is quite possible that the development will by accessible via cvs
very soon; I'll keep you posted.

Please note that the depmod and modprobe utilities are back to C++.
This is a result of a discussion in linux-kernel last week, and
this is the way it has to be, in consideration of all involved.

I have verified that the current snapshot compiles, at least, but I haven't
done anything like a full-scale testing. For the future, your suggestions
for improvements and restructuring are definitely welcome.
Send your input to <[email protected]> and I will start upgrading even faster...

Here is part of the TODO-file:
- Upgrade modprobe and depmod with things that happened since modutils-2.1.23
- Verify that the current patches didn't break too much...
- Prepare for merging modprobe with insmod (too much duplication right now)
- Cleaner handling of multiple invocations of insmod
- Collect and merge more patches


Bj?rn Ekwall <[email protected]>