1999-06-01 20:09:21

by Jordan Mendelson

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Subject: XTP: A better TCP than TCP

Hello all,

I was just reviewing http://www.mentat.com/xtp/xtp.html and
http://www.ca.sandia.gov/xtp/. XTP looks like a very interesting protocol.

It provides all the features of TCP, plus built-in realiable multicasts, better
speed over networks with packet loss, better speed overall, maximum bandwidth
limiting built-in, and a few other features which make it noteworthy.

It appears that they have defined a few protocols over XTP already, including
Is there any projects out there to add XTP to the standard linux kernel?


Jordan Mendelson : http://jordy.wserv.com
Web Services, Inc. : http://www.wserv.com

1999-06-02 21:16:41

by Matthew Wilcox

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Subject: Re: XTP: A better TCP than TCP

On Wed, Jun 02, 1999 at 09:38:59AM +0100, Philip Blundell wrote:
> >I was just reviewing http://www.mentat.com/xtp/xtp.html and
> >http://www.ca.sandia.gov/xtp/. XTP looks like a very interesting protocol.
> I did some work with XTP a few years back. It's interesting but it's a very
> heavyweight protocol compared to TCP. It tries to be all things to all men
> and it's debatable whether it really succeeds.
> It would certainly be worth having in the kernel, however.

I think a much more interesting protocol to have in the kernel would
be Bell Labs' IL. It's implemented in Plan 9, and they say they are
very happy with its performance. It's a sequenced packet protocol,
ideal for NFS, CORBA messages and pretty much anything which currently
either implements its own out-of-order + retransmit strategy over UDP
or puts packet boundaries into TCP.

There's a description of the protocol at
I have the barest bones of a start at a linux implementation of it,
if anyone wants to collaborate :-)

Matthew Wilcox <[email protected]>
"Windows and MacOS are products, contrived by engineers in the service of
specific companies. Unix, by contrast, is not so much a product as it is a
painstakingly compiled oral history of the hacker subculture." - N Stephenson

1999-06-03 00:06:47

by Vince Lo Faso

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Subject: Re: XTP: A better TCP than TCP


I've been working on an XTP implementation for Linux for some time
(and will be the first to admit that I'm order due for releasing
it publically).

I recently ported it to kernel 2.3.x and am in the process of (re)sending
a patch to David.

I'm doing this strictly on a volunteer basis, which means I can respond to
during the evenings and have limitted time for its development--but unlimitted

interested in its growth and potential. More info will follow.

Quick synopsis of XTP:

XTP is quite flexible and versatile, capable of offering UDP-like and TCP-like

services--and everything in between--in one protocol stack. However, its
is also its weak point. There is little public
on making XTP work in an IP environment, hence this XTP-Linux project.
There are also several transport issues that need to be explored in an XTP/IP

If anyone is really interested in this and wants to help out, let me know



"David S. Miller" wrote:

> Date: Tue, 01 Jun 1999 17:10:30 -0400
> From: Jordan Mendelson <[email protected]>
> Is there any projects out there to add XTP to the standard linux
> kernel?
> There is someone who is working on XTP/Linux and keeps sending me
> patches, but they always need massive formatting cleanups before I can
> apply them and then he disappears again for a few months.
> This is not necessarily his fault, he may not have the time to finish
> up and submit patches cleanly, but until _someone_ does this work I
> cannot even put his work in progress code into the tree.
> Later,
> David S. Miller
> [email protected]
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