2000-11-05 17:46:09

by Markus

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Subject: Re: trouble with eepro100+catalyst

Dennis, Your comment isn?t that productive
What about ECN? Have acitivated it (proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_ecn, if I remember


Dennis wrote:

> At 11:06 PM 10/20/2000, [email protected] wrote:
> >We're having lots of trouble with eepro100 and Cisco Catalyst switch,
> >and my net are a vlan. I am using RedHat 6.2/7.0 and not ping to gateway,
> >but with o Slackware 7.0 ok. What's the magic?
> >
> >Regards,
> >
> >Umberto
> >Systems Analyst
> >.comDominio
> >Brazil
> Ciscos and catalysts have all kinds of problems connecting to PCs. They
> like to talk to each other mostly. Unfortunately, the widespread propaganda
> that cisco is flawless hinders the true diagnosis in many cases.
> get yourself a cheap 10/100 hub or switch and wire it between the units and
> then go watch some sports instead of banging your head for nothing
> Sometimes its better to sacrifice performance (ie catalysts) for something
> that works.
> Dennis
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