2000-11-08 22:06:32

by Giuliano Pochini

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Subject: Ethernet stops working in NFS

I have a Mac and a PC with a 3com 595 ethernet card. The Mac is the
nfs server. When I transfer from the PC to the Mac it's all right.
When I transfer a large file (50-100MB) from the Mac to the PC often
the connection breaks completely. I can't ping the other machine
anymore. Looking at ifconfig I see that the PC receives the pings
but it does not answer. I have to bring the PC's eth0 down and up
to get it working again. Large ping floods don't trigger the
And is it normal that I transfer at only ~5MB/s over a 100Mbps
ethernet ?

The PC runs 2.2.17 and the Mac 2.2.18pre19.