2000-03-25 02:04:51

by Jeff V. Merkey

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Subject: NWFS Open Source for 2.2 and 2.4 Releases 3/27/00


Timpanogas Research Group( Announces Release of the Open Source NWFS 2.2 NetWare File System on Linux 2.2 and 2.4 Kernels, and the NWFS-64 Open Source File System for IA64 Linux.

Orem, Utah - March 27, 2000 - Timpanogas Research Group, Inc. located in Orem, Utah is pleased to announce immediate availability of the NWFS 2.2 NetWare File System Open Source Code for Linux. This release supports Linux Kernels 2.0, 2.2, and 2.4.

NWFS 2.2 is a Virtual File System (VFS) Implementation of Novell's Native NetWare File System for the Linux Platform. NWFS provides all the capabilities of Novell's existing legacy NetWare 3.x and 4.x file systems as well as NetWare 5. Included with the NWFS 2.2 Release for Linux is the source code for the file system driver. Utilities that allow users to create and manage NetWare file systems, partitions, volumes and mirroring configurations are available via TRG's web site at http://www.timpanogas.com or FTP from

Additionally, NWFS 2.2 is the first Symmetrical Multi-processing (SMP) implementation of the Native NetWare File System, which allows users to take advantage of the superior performance of SMP machines and Linux. Other features of NWFS 2.2 include dynamic data redirection, hot-fixing, volume striping, multiple namespace support, suballocation, and volume mirroring.

TRG is also announcing the NWFS-64 Open Source NetWare File System for IA64 Linux. NWFS-64 is a 64-bit implementation of Novell's Native NetWare File System on the Linux Platform. NWFS-64 for Linux Kernel 2.4 and above will be available Open Source from TRG's website at http://www.timpanogas.com June 2000.

The source code, binaries, and file system utilities for NWFS 2.2 for Linux are available via ftp at, or can be downloaded from TRG's web site at http://www.timpanogas.com. The NWFS 2.2 File System Source Code is being released under the GNU Public License, and is freely re-distributable. Customers can license NWFS 2.2 utilities via TRG's website. Brainshare 2000 Promotional price for the NWFS 2.2 file system management tools for a single user license is $19.99 US until April 20, 2000. Normal Retail for the NWFS 2.2 file system management tools for a single user license is $29.99 US.

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