2020-04-28 20:01:16

by Jason Gunthorpe

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Subject: [GIT PULL] Please pull RDMA subsystem changes

Hi Linus,

First rc pull request

A few regressions and some syzkaller crashers for RDMA.


The following changes since commit 8f3d9f354286745c751374f5f1fcafee6b3f3136:

Linux 5.7-rc1 (2020-04-12 12:35:55 -0700)

are available in the Git repository at:

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/rdma/rdma.git tags/for-linus

for you to fetch changes up to f0abc761bbb9418876cc4d1ebc473e4ea6352e42:

RDMA/core: Fix race between destroy and release FD object (2020-04-24 15:40:41 -0300)

First RDMA 5.7 rc pull request

A couple of regressions were found in rc1, as well as another set of races
and bugs :

- A regression where RDMA_CM_EVENT_REJECTED was lost in some cases

- Bad error handling in the CM, uverbs, rvt, siw and i40iw

- Kernel stack memory leak to user space in mlx4

- Missing data in a uapi query for mlx5

- Three races found by syzkaller in the ib core code

Aharon Landau (1):
RDMA/mlx5: Set GRH fields in query QP on RoCE

Alaa Hleihel (1):
RDMA/mlx4: Initialize ib_spec on the stack

Colin Ian King (1):
i40iw: fix null pointer dereference on a null wqe pointer

Dan Carpenter (1):
RDMA/cm: Fix an error check in cm_alloc_id_priv()

Jason Gunthorpe (2):
RDMA/siw: Fix potential siw_mem refcnt leak in siw_fastreg_mr()
RDMA/uverbs: Fix a race with disassociate and exit_mmap()

Leon Romanovsky (4):
RDMA/cm: Fix missing RDMA_CM_EVENT_REJECTED event after receiving REJ message
RDMA/core: Prevent mixed use of FDs between shared ufiles
RDMA/core: Fix overwriting of uobj in case of error
RDMA/core: Fix race between destroy and release FD object

Sudip Mukherjee (1):
IB/rdmavt: Always return ERR_PTR from rvt_create_mmap_info()

drivers/infiniband/core/cm.c | 26 ++++++++++++++------------
drivers/infiniband/core/rdma_core.c | 9 ++++-----
drivers/infiniband/core/uverbs_main.c | 4 ++++
drivers/infiniband/hw/i40iw/i40iw_ctrl.c | 2 +-
drivers/infiniband/hw/mlx4/main.c | 3 ++-
drivers/infiniband/hw/mlx5/qp.c | 4 +++-
drivers/infiniband/sw/rdmavt/cq.c | 4 ++--
drivers/infiniband/sw/rdmavt/mmap.c | 4 ++--
drivers/infiniband/sw/rdmavt/qp.c | 4 ++--
drivers/infiniband/sw/rdmavt/srq.c | 4 ++--
drivers/infiniband/sw/siw/siw_qp_tx.c | 15 +++++++++++----
11 files changed, 47 insertions(+), 32 deletions(-)

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2020-04-28 20:42:52

by pr-tracker-bot

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Subject: Re: [GIT PULL] Please pull RDMA subsystem changes

The pull request you sent on Tue, 28 Apr 2020 16:59:14 -0300:

> git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/rdma/rdma.git tags/for-linus

has been merged into torvalds/linux.git:

Thank you!

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