2000-11-12 07:49:15

by Eric Shattow

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Subject: 2.4.0-test11pre2 ram size detect incorrect

I am happy to report that I finally got a 2.4.x kernel booted and running.
To get the kernel booting without an oops, I had to use the kernel option
"mem=64M" (I have 64 megabytes of ram installed). Aparently, without this
option the kernel was detecting an absurdly large amount of installed
memory, and thus dereferenced a null pointer. Should i help find out how to
get the kernel to recognize the proper amount of memory in my computer
without the kernel option? What information should i make available? I am
new to actual linux development, and do not know if this is something i
should help fix or if it is just something that requires the kernel option.

regards to the kernel-hackers,

eric shattow [[email protected]]