2021-06-24 10:42:00

by Kalle Valo

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Subject: Re: [PATCH] iwlwifi: select MAC80211_LEDS conditionally

Liwei Song <[email protected]> writes:

> MAC80211_LEDS depends on LEDS_CLASS=y or LEDS_CLASS=MAC80211,
> add condition to enable it in iwlwifi/Kconfig to avoid below
> compile warning when LEDS_CLASS was set to m:
> WARNING: unmet direct dependencies detected for MAC80211_LEDS
> Depends on [n]: NET [=y] && WIRELESS [=y] && MAC80211 [=y] && (LEDS_CLASS [=m]=y || LEDS_CLASS [=m]=MAC80211 [=y])
> Selected by [m]:
> - IWLWIFI_LEDS [=y] && NETDEVICES [=y] && WLAN [=y] && WLAN_VENDOR_INTEL [=y] && IWLWIFI [=m] && (LEDS_CLASS [=m]=y || LEDS_CLASS [=m]=IWLWIFI [=m]) && (IWLMVM [=m] || IWLDVM [=m])
> Signed-off-by: Liwei Song <[email protected]>

Is this is a new regression or an old bug? What commit caused this?