2021-11-08 04:37:25

by Kurt Garloff

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Subject: igb in 5.15: autosuspend hangs netlink


I have several NICs enslaved to a bridge.

Enabling powermanagement (setting the pcie device power/control to auto) for
an intel I211 Gigabit Network device hangs the Linux kernel's netlink interface.
Commands like `ip addr show` no longer work but just hang.
Note: There's nothing connected to the i211, so I assume it goes to sleep indeed.
There's no recovery -- trying to echo "on" to the power/control does not recover
the netlink interface -- I have not found a better recovery than rebooting yet.

This problem did not exist in 5.10.y kernels, it does exist in 5.15.[01].
The device is powered by the igb driver.

Let me know if this problem is not known yet and you need more information.


Kurt Garloff <[email protected]>
Cologne, Germany