2022-08-06 16:00:47

by Christophe JAILLET

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Subject: [PATCH] ASoC: Fix the include guard used for include/sound/wm8904.h

__MFD_WM8994_PDATA_H__ is already used for:

Based on file names, use __MFD_WM8904_PDATA_H__ instead here.

Signed-off-by: Christophe JAILLET <[email protected]>
Not sure of if a Fixes: tag is needed.
If yes, I would use:
9e50108668a7 ("mfd: Add initial WM8994 support")
which introduced the conflict,

even if:
a91eb199e4dc8 ("ASoC: Initial WM8904 CODEC driver")
which introduced the typo is more logical.

No strong opinion on it.
include/sound/wm8904.h | 4 ++--
1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/include/sound/wm8904.h b/include/sound/wm8904.h
index 88ac1870510e..f74293a83a17 100644
--- a/include/sound/wm8904.h
+++ b/include/sound/wm8904.h
@@ -7,8 +7,8 @@
* Author: Mark Brown <[email protected]>

-#ifndef __MFD_WM8994_PDATA_H__
-#define __MFD_WM8994_PDATA_H__
+#ifndef __MFD_WM8904_PDATA_H__
+#define __MFD_WM8904_PDATA_H__

/* Used to enable configuration of a GPIO to all zeros */
#define WM8904_GPIO_NO_CONFIG 0x8000