2022-09-22 05:45:57

by kernel test robot

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Subject: [intel-tdx:guest 2/4] arch/x86/kernel/tdx-tests.c:66:12: warning: no previous prototype for function 'kvm_unit_test_debug_init'

tree: https://github.com/intel/tdx.git guest
head: f3d7a7e86bf2f0d5ce629f2fb7be11dca88ac06d
commit: 4cd6be90a565d847e1d7ccfe28264a1610a02a34 [2/4] x86/tdx-tests: Add a port of a kvm unit test
config: x86_64-randconfig-a014 (https://download.01.org/0day-ci/archive/20220922/[email protected]/config)
compiler: clang version 14.0.6 (https://github.com/llvm/llvm-project f28c006a5895fc0e329fe15fead81e37457cb1d1)
reproduce (this is a W=1 build):
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/intel/lkp-tests/master/sbin/make.cross -O ~/bin/make.cross
chmod +x ~/bin/make.cross
# https://github.com/intel/tdx/commit/4cd6be90a565d847e1d7ccfe28264a1610a02a34
git remote add intel-tdx https://github.com/intel/tdx.git
git fetch --no-tags intel-tdx guest
git checkout 4cd6be90a565d847e1d7ccfe28264a1610a02a34
# save the config file
mkdir build_dir && cp config build_dir/.config
COMPILER_INSTALL_PATH=$HOME/0day COMPILER=clang make.cross W=1 O=build_dir ARCH=x86_64 SHELL=/bin/bash arch/x86/kernel/ arch/x86/kvm/

If you fix the issue, kindly add following tag where applicable
| Reported-by: kernel test robot <[email protected]>

All warnings (new ones prefixed by >>):

>> arch/x86/kernel/tdx-tests.c:66:12: warning: no previous prototype for function 'kvm_unit_test_debug_init' [-Wmissing-prototypes]
int __init kvm_unit_test_debug_init(void)
arch/x86/kernel/tdx-tests.c:66:1: note: declare 'static' if the function is not intended to be used outside of this translation unit
int __init kvm_unit_test_debug_init(void)
1 warning generated.

Kconfig warnings: (for reference only)
WARNING: unmet direct dependencies detected for UNACCEPTED_MEMORY
Depends on [n]: EFI [=n] && EFI_STUB [=n]
Selected by [y]:
- INTEL_TDX_GUEST [=y] && HYPERVISOR_GUEST [=y] && X86_64 [=y] && CPU_SUP_INTEL [=y] && PARAVIRT [=y] && SECURITY [=y] && X86_X2APIC [=y]

vim +/kvm_unit_test_debug_init +66 arch/x86/kernel/tdx-tests.c

> 66 int __init kvm_unit_test_debug_init(void)

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