2000-10-27 06:20:04

by Jeff Merkey

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Subject: NCPFS flags all files executable on NetWare Volumes with NFS Namespace


I noticed NCPFS is flagging all the files on a native NetWare volume as
executable and chmod
-x does not work, even if the NetWare server has the NFS namespace
loaded. I looked at
you code in more detail, and I did not see support their for the
NFS/Unix namespace.

Is this in a newer version, or has it not been implemented yet? I was
testing with MARS
and Native NetWare this evening and saw this. If the NFS namespace is
loaded, you should
be able to get to it and access and set all these bits in the file
system namespace directory

Do you need any info from me to get this working, or is there another
version where I can
get this for Ute-Linux?