2000-11-24 04:56:10

by Adam J. Richter

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Subject: ohci1394 PCI device ID's

Sorry for the rather lengthy email list. I am not sure exactly
which of you it would be appropriate to put this question to.

I am writing a pci_device_id table for ohci1394.c. This will
allow a userland program to automatically load the module when an
ohci1394 card is present. There is a PCI device class for ohci1394
controllers (pci_dev->class == 0x0c0310). So, is there some reason
why linux-2.4.0-test11/drivers/ieee1394/ohci1934.c contains a list
of vendor_id/device_id pairs?

If ohci1394.c really needs to match based on vendor_id and
device_id, then I will generate a pci_device_id table accordingly.
On the other hand, if ohci1394.c really does not need to care about
vendor_id/device_id pairs, I will add the generic pci_device_id table
for an ohci1394 controller, and I would also be happy to generate
a patch for you folks that eliminates the use of the vendor_id / device_id
pairs, and, if you want, ports the driver to the new hotplug PCI
interface, which might be useful, considering that I see ieee1394
CardBus cards everywhere.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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