2000-11-25 17:01:29

by karlheg

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Subject: 2.4.0-test{8..11} CONFIG_NETLINK*=y => unresolved symbol errors in several modules

Sorry if this is already reported; I'm not subscribed since it's way
over my head still and there's too much else to do... so, please CC
me if you need more input.

I'm goofing around trying to get the right options set so I can run
`dhcpd' and `vtun'... I accidently turned on the "netlink" in
"networking options", and found that `depmod -a' mentions several
unresolved symbol errors. One module in particular is `ipchains.o'
that does this. Upon reboot and attempted `modprobe ipchains', I see
"netlink" mentioned, IIRC. There is conditionalization in the
"ipchains_core.c" on whether netlink is configured in, so I think
this is correct information.

Hope you can find it and fix it in only a few minutes. It will take
me another few years to do so, I believe.