2000-11-27 01:02:09

by Toby Jaffey

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Subject: "hda lost interrupt" in 2.4-test11, fat32 corruption

Full description:
Using 2.4-test11 compiled with SMP support on my Abit BP6 (dual celeron
500s) I get consistent lost interrupt errors on hda (my only disk). My test
condition is untarring a 600mb archive of small files onto a FAT32
partition, which consistently fails. This usually results in processes
refusing to die, followed by the keyboard locking up. The machine is
still pingable, but remote logins fail. My test works fine in all 2.2
kernels I have tried and also in 2.4-test10. My IDE chipset is the
PIIX4. At one point, I was forced to remove a FAT32 partition which
became severely corrupted, so I'm not willing to do any further testing,

kernel, ide, smp, piix4

Debian woody GNU/Linux, kernel 2.4-test11-smp, Abit BP6 (celeron 500s),
128mb, 1 0GB IDE disk.

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