2000-11-29 10:11:07

by David Robson

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Subject: Experimental kernel to enhance Solaris -> Linux NFS performance

Dear All,

The NFS HOWTO refers to NFS performance problems with Sparc Servers and
clients. It mentions a patch at http://www.uio.no/~trondmy/src/ to
overcome this
problem. It also mentions some "Alan Cox experimental kernels" which
have been
built with this patch.

Unfortunately, it is not clear to me which of the patches at the trondmy
site is the correct
one for me. I am starting with a Red Hat 6.1 (Linux 2.2.6) kernel.

Can anyone tell me

1) Where is the correct patch? or failing that, where do I get the
prebuilt kernel?
2) How did the patch address the problem (just an overview)

Thanks very much

Dave Robson