Subject: Checkpointing Problem!

i am working on the project similar to Epckpt but with a concept of
loadable module. here i have a problem in handling the page requests.

when i checkpoint a process in which malloc is used i found that if i
malloc 1mb and make sure that all pages are used ( are present in
memory by making use of some loop in user program, i have written small
code is down ) before i checkpointed then there is no problem ,otherwise
its pmd_none is > 0 that's there is no valid pmd for it. i think i cannot
call handle_mm_fault ( or some thing like make_pages_present of mm.h,memory.c)
to bring the brk segment pages into memory because of invalid page tables!

In Epckpt he was in kernel and found it to be ok! but as i am working
as char driver i didn't get the same.

For this reason i am unable to get through it, can any one help me out.

please CC your message because i am not the list!

thanks for replying.

Chittari Prasanna Kumar
KREC, Surathkal.

int main()
int *p,i;
p=(int *)malloc(SIZE*sizeof(int));

#if USE
for(i=0 ; i< SIZE; i++)

now checkpoint here
fails if USE is not >= 1