2000-12-08 21:12:23

by Rasmus Andersen

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Subject: [PATCH] remove warning from drivers/char/random.c


The following patch makes a 'defined but not used' warning go away
when compiling drivers/char/random.c without sysctl support (240t12p3).
(but should apply cleanly). I am aware that there is a sysctl section
of this code, but the function seems to belong where it is. I would be
happy to move free_entropy_store to this section if you think this
is cleaner.

--- linux-240-t12-pre3-clean/drivers/char/random.c Wed Nov 22 22:41:39 2000
+++ linux/drivers/char/random.c Wed Nov 29 18:25:31 2000
@@ -527,12 +527,14 @@
memset(r->pool, 0, r->poolinfo.poolwords*4);

static void free_entropy_store(struct entropy_store *r)
if (r->pool)

* This function adds a byte into the entropy "pool". It does not

Rasmus([email protected])

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