2000-10-29 00:08:44

by Andries E. Brouwer

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Subject: panther ethernet and SCSI

Recently I got a "Professional Workstation" - a 486DX33
with 82596 on board ethernet and NCR(?) on board SCSI.

It was not very difficult to get the 82596 to work
(I put something that works on
comments are welcome)
The 82596 itself is well-documented in Intel's 29021806.pdf
but I have almost no information on the use of the I/O ports
and do not know a good way to find the ethernet address.

But there is also SCSI on this board - at boot time it prints
Ballard Synergy CAMcore(R), Copyright 1991, 1.602
if and only if SCSI is enabled in the BIOS setup.
Does anybody have an idea how to make this do something?