2000-10-29 19:14:08

by Winfried Truemper

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Subject: Re: 2.4.0-test10pre5: still IDE lockups on HPT366 controller.

On Tue, 24 Oct 2000, Mark Hahn wrote:

> > APIC error on CPU1 00(02) or 02(02) or 00(08) or 00(04)
> BP6 bugs, not linux's, and especially not ide's fault. you have to
> do the usual BP6 voodoo: bios update, extra fans, big PS, higher voltage.

On friday I bought a power supply with 431 watts, updated the BIOS to the
latest versions, put a fan on the BX chip like described on http://www.bp6.com,
screwed two high performance fans on the top of the non-overclocked
celerons (what a waste :) ) and set the voltage to 2.1 volts (tested 2.0,
too). No improvement in stability: after a few seconds bonnie crashes the
machine when used on hde4 or hdg4. Today I replaced the cables to enforce
UDMA 33 instead of UDMA 66 on hde and hdg. No problems so far. I can start
20 parallel bonnie's on the disks without any errors. This is an
acceptable fix for me, because the raid5-array would be limited by UDMA33
on hda and hdc anyways.

Regarding the APIC messages... I see no rule when they occur. I believe
they were gone when using the better power supply, but perhaps I just
didn't tested long enough before I returned this expensive box...