2008-09-04 06:11:45

by James Cloos

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Subject: Re: [BlueZ-Announce] Closing down the mailing lists at SourceForge

>>>>> "Marcel" == Marcel Holtmann <[email protected]> writes:

Marcel> The announcement mailing list has been quiet for some time
Marcel> now. With the new http://www.bluez.org website we do have a proper RSS
Marcel> enabled blog. Please use that one if you wanna stay up-to-date
Marcel> with releases and other important information.

Please also CC announcements to the linux-bluetooth list; rss is not a
useful replacement for a mailing list.

Marcel> For everybody who was subscribed to the commit mailing list, you
Marcel> can now also use RSS from the GIT web interface on kernel.org.

The contrib/hooks/post-receive-email file in the git repo does a great
job of sending out email notifications. (And I see that you are using
it for the obexd.git repo.) That would be an ideal way to make commit
notices available.

And kudos for moving to kernel.org.

James Cloos <[email protected]> OpenPGP: 1024D/ED7DAEA6