2008-11-12 18:39:07

by Jim Carter

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Subject: Re: bluez-gnome wizard deficiencies make it mostly useless

On Wed, 12 Nov 2008, Sebastian Spaeth wrote:

> I see 2 solutions and I would like input in what bluez-gnome devs think:
> 1) Try to pair with random PIN if that fails try "0000", "1234", "1111".
> This would at least cover about 90% of all devices and only special case
> the rest.
> 2) Prepopulate a Random PIN in a field but allow the user to override
> that PIN. After all he should know best what PIN to use.

3) A little more complicated: if the device class suggests no keyboard,
try the hardwired codes listed above, and in the 10% of cases where that
fails (or if the device class suggests that there is a keyboard), then pop
the dialog box for solution #2. Particularly crappy devices may have a
problem if pairing fails, so it could be helpful to have an override to
bypass the hardwired codes even for device classes where they would
normally be tried.

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