2009-01-13 02:43:58

by Li, Zhigang

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Subject: Question for PAN connection

HI all,

There are some problem in my PAN connection can somebody tell where is wrong and show the right step.

1, NAP Server side

Pand - M ( there was strange behavior and the result look like pand -h ) Same result in upstream. Maybe it's a bug

So only thing I have to change it by hciconfig

Pand -s -r NAP

Pand -c [target device address] --service NAP

I wrote a dhclient script at /etc/sysconfig/network-script/




Also I modified the network.conf file to use default interface

2, PANU side

Pand -c [server bdaddr] - service PANU

3, pand -show

Nothing display

Ifconfig bnep0

Error report device not found