2009-02-19 04:03:24

by Kartikey Parmar

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Subject: Urgent: Bluez-4.30 Test Results - Pls help to solve problem

I m attaching Bluez-4.30 /tools/ test results of hcidump -X -V for ur reference.
Kindly help me to solve this problems.

I m following commands described in --help option to get this test results.

I can't connect my bluetooth device with /tools/hcitool and sdptool
browse options...
Few of the operations like rfcomm bind / release I can do but the
problem arise when it tries to establish a connection with the remote
bluetooth device...

it shows an error that "PIN or link key missing"...

I m running Fedora 9 and have installed bluez-4.30 as suggested by
Marcel on the same.
I found same one in bluez-4.27 still it continues...pls suggest me wht
to do to solve this problem.

Wht is the remedie?
Awaiting for reply

Kartikey Parmar
R&D Software Engg
Matrix Telecom Pvt Ltd
Baroda, Gujarat (India)
09879095390 (M)

hcitool_auth.txt (438.00 B)
hcitool_avinfo.txt (1.46 kB)
hcitool_cc.txt (1.84 kB)
hcitool_con.txt (156.00 B)
hcitool_info.txt (1.34 kB)
hcitool_inq.txt (427.00 B)
hcitool_lq.txt (207.00 B)
hcitool_name.txt (416.00 B)
hcitool_sping.txt (304.00 B)
sdptool_browse.txt (2.02 kB)
rfc_bind.txt (498.00 B)
rfc_connect.txt (1.41 kB)
rfc_listen.txt (609.00 B)
rfc_release.txt (156.00 B)
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