2009-02-16 19:19:03

by Tomasz Dominikowski

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Subject: What happened with bluez-gnome development?

Hi. This might not be the correct place to ask, but it is certainly
related. Why hasn't at this point a bluez-gnome release been made? I
ask this, because I desperately need to have the translations of
bluez-gnome synchronized back from Launchpad to a new tarball. This is
needed, because there is apparently no other way to update the
translations in Ubuntu than to have an updated tarball with updated
translations. The 1.8 tarball doesn't contain updated translations and
Launchpad does not use the ones updated after the release so our
(translators) hands are tied. This is beyond the point, because there
hasn't been a sync for 3 months now, so it's rather overdue. Apart
from the translations there have been a few healthy commits that would
finally land in a released version. Can anyone please cut a
bluez-gnome 1.9 tarball, with synchronized translations from
Launchpad? Thank you in advance.

Tomasz Dominikowski

Tomasz Dominikowski
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